Have you guys heard? Yes! We will be launching a series of courses to empower you to have a firsthand knowledge of how minimalism and minimalist interior design can make a difference to your lives. This is something that we’ve been wanting to create for a while after realizing that many of our home owners are interested to find out what goes on behind the minds of Team Minimalist and how we can all lead the minimalist lifestyle. 

So we came up with 3 different courses

  • The Minimalist Playbook (Available)

    A starter's kit to welcome you into the minimalist lifestyle where we discuss the concept of “Less Is More” and the design principles in crafting a minimalist home.

  • Crafting A Minimalist Kitchen (Coming Soon)

    For foodies like us, the kitchen is surely an important place in the house. We want to show you how we transform this cooking haven into something that’s simple yet functional.

  • SimplySketch (Available)

    To give you guys a peek at how interior designs can come to live. We will show you how you can use the free software Sketchup, to get started in crafting your own minimalist carpentry designs.

A Huge Misconception: Getting Rid Of Everything To Be A Minimalist

I think that many of you guys have the misunderstanding that being a minimalist means you have to start getting rid of most of your physical items, cutting back on spending and meeting people. A true minimalist focuses on essentialism, keeping what’s truly important (such as the relationships around you and experiences in life). This is beyond just material goods but it's what’s on the mind. Instead of deep-diving into throwing away items (which you might regret later). We want to help you to grow and clear out the clutter in your head. Slowly, you will be able to physically adapt into the minimalism, choosing what’s essential and sparks joy in your life.

You want to revamp your house, but you don’t know where to start.

Many of you guys that we’ve spoken to via social media or during our meetings mentioned that you want to renovate certain parts of your home… but don’t know where to start. We feel that renovating your kitchen by adding a little zest is a good way to spruce up the house. It’s a place where you get your personal time (eating or cooking), a place you create memories (with your family) and a place that you fill up your soul (with food of course!). However, do keep in mind that it’s important to understand the basics of renovation and designing to create your desired space. It’s crucial to do ample researching and learning before you start work!

You want to be an interior designer, but you aren’t sure…

Hey! We got you. I was once like you, with no background in designing and had no idea how to start! We want to teach people like yourself how to come up with sketches using a FREE SOFTWARE. This will help you to decide whether you have what it takes to be one and have a flair for design!