About Our Courses

We seek minimalism.

We created these courses to guide you into the minimalist lifestyle. Through these courses, you will better understand the concept of minimalism and how it can be implemented into our home and living.


  • What are the courses offered? What can I learn from this?

    We created a series of courses to empower homeowners who are seeking to shape their abode together in a minimalist fashion. There are a total of 3 different courses. The Minimalist Playbook where you get to learn about the minimalist mindset, habits and how to create a minimalist home using minimalist interior design principles. Crafting A Minimalist Kitchen for homeowners looking to revamp and remodel their kitchen. SimplySketch for the inspiring interior designer in you, where we will teach you how to craft your own carpentry designs using the free SketchUp software.

  • How much do these courses cost and for how long can I access the lessons?tial student may have before purchase.

    The courses are priced affordably at only S$12.90 each. With our years of experience compacted into easy-to-digest video tutorials, these playbooks will set you up for success in building your new minimalist home. No design background is required as all our lessons are crafted in a simple to understand manner. Furthermore, with our lifetime access, you can always re-watch the videos as many times as you may need.

  • What if I am not interested in Minimalism?

    The purpose of the playbooks are to help you with your Minimalism journey! We want to open your eyes to the way of living minimally and have a better understanding of it. You don’t have to convert into a minimalist if it’s not for you. Beyond teaching the lifestyle of Minimalism, we also touch on topics such as interior design and sketching using interior design software. This is how we integrate the concept of simplicity and functionality into our design techniques.

  • I have trouble accessing my account, what do I do?

    Do drop an email to hello@minimalist.sg with regards to any account-related issues.

  • How can I sign up for the course?

    Select the course that you like to sign up for and follow the steps given.